Recently, the single malt whisky brand Fetken, which enjoys the reputation of “unicorn in whisky”, officially announced two refurbished wines in China-Fetken 18-year single malt whisky and Fetken 16-year third edition 2022 single malt whisky.

Fetken 18-year-old whisky is a brand-new test in whisky making. The “Angel Falls” distillation method of the winery and the barrel form of white oak barrels aged in the United States, all of which are hand-made into Scottish oak barrels, make this single malt whisky have a delicate, sweet and distinctive cold charm, and the organization is rich and unique. As the first winery to completely barrel in local oak barrels in Scotland, the 18-year-old single malt whisky of Feitken benefited from the “Feitken Jungle Planning”: with the vision of non-continuous growth to defend the hometown and the future, Feitken cooperated with the local community to rationally apply and continuously use the oak capital of Scottish depression.

Fetken 18-year-old single malt whisky

Fetken’s 16-year series is the representative of the winery’s heavy sherry, and the third edition of 2022 whiskey as the inspiration of the 16-year series is continuous, further summarizing the sweetness of different sherry barrels. The original wine is aged in the first and second excavations of Eurolotso Shirley barrel and PX barrel, and finally the journey is fulfilled in Bourbon barrel. This barrel-passing process is just like a harmonious triple symphony, which outlines the sense of order without wine body and makes it rich with cold and fruity flavor, balancing the commonness of Fetken’s original style and heavy Shirley barrel.

Fetken 16 th edition 2022 single malt whisky

In the middle of the last century, the winemakers in Fetken pioneered the “Angel Falls” distillation method, in which only the lightest and most detailed wine vapor was extracted, and pure and fresh whisky liquor was condensed. The touch of light green left by the distiller after numerous oxidation reflux has also become the marking color of Fetken. At the same time, Fetken also maintains the ancient exhibition-style wine cellar-the original wine is stored in the wine cellar, and it is gradually awarded its own local flavor year after year. In addition, in order to realize the continuous growth of local communities and nature, Fetken launched the “Fetken Jungle Plan” in 2021, and jointly established the “Fetken 200 Club” with local agricultural communities to revive the growth of local agriculture and whisky industry.

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