Mccarron announced a new single malt whisky-Rare Year Series 1995.

Mccarron Rare Year Series was aged for more than 26 years in a single European oak pig’s head barrel in 1995, adding a new product to the single malt whisky series which is particularly precious and rare in the world. This extraordinary single barrel whisky was aged in oak barrels on December 12, 1995, until it was unpacked with the strength of the original barrel in 2022.

Mccarron Rare Year Series was officially published in 2002, including 60 whisky products, with a time span of 80 years from the distillation year. The oldest in the series is a whisky distilled in 1926. From the legendary old whisky to the rare year series 1995 published today, every product in the rare year series of mccarron has not shown the profound and rich historical secrets of mccarron brand. After years of growth, mccarron Rare Vintage Series has become a single malt whisky series with a particularly long age and strong product reputation in the world.

Mccarron Rare Year Series 1995 does not have a unique and natural rich pink wood luster, which is attributed to decades of aging in European oak barrels. This whisky has a unique aroma of dates, glossy cherries and syrup, and is accompanied by the smells of grass, chocolate, ginger and ancient oak. The taste is banana wet, dark chocolate and sweet oak, mixed with the smells of sugar ginger, cherry, licorice and hazelnut, and the rhyme is oak and licorice. The year when this single malt whisky stopped distilling was an extraordinary year for Scotland and even other countries in the world. That year foresaw the rapid growth of society and science and technology, created a new perspective for people to look at the world and inspired a brand-new same form. That year was hailed as a year of “determined renovation”: the World Wide Web brought earth-shaking changes; NASA’s Galileo spacecraft visited Jupiter. DVD came out, and the wonderful music of the 1990 s played in the radio waves. In Scotland, Skye Bridge was opened. The design of mccarron’s distiller is printed on the Scottish silver note of 10 pounds. Just like the series of rare years in mccarron, it is a year that connects human beings, time and space.

Recently, mccarron moved the unique wooden gift box of mccarron rare year series to Britain, aiming at greatly increasing the carbon emissions brought by the transportation process. The gift box of Rare Year Series 1995 was delivered in England by Moran’s Wood Components. This family-owned production enterprise specializes in ingenious craftsmanship and practices corporate obligations that are relevant to the society and the situation.

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