On February 27th, 2023, Bruichladdich, a whisky brand that went to Aire Island, Scotland, announced a new product, Bruichladdich Black Art 10.1 Edition, which appeared the pure charm of going to Aire Island.

Buhradi Qianfeng Winery has always kept the conservative Victorian process to brew pure single malt whisky, without weather chromatograph and colorimeter, and completely relied on the rich experience of winemakers in budding, saccharification, fermentation, distillation and aging. Buhradi Star Map 10.1 is the sixth star map work of Adam Hannett, the chief winemaker of the winery.

Different from the strong smell of whiskey punished by peat disposal, the map 10.1 is full of vibrant melon and fruit aroma, followed by pleasant roasted oak with chocolate nuts, cedar and faint clove and nutmeg. After a slight sniff, sweet apricot jam, ripe melon, black cherry and blackcurrant are intertwined and refreshing. The faint lemon flavor and the gooseberry flavor dipped in honey are ingeniously combined, and the soft floral fragrance of geranium and honeysuckle and the faint iodine and leather smell form a wonderful charm concerto, which is memorable.

With a shallow sip, the flavors of orange maltose, nut biscuits and lemon egg white pie reach the lips and teeth, followed by the flavors of sweet apricot jam and almond sugar. Baked oak brings a silky chocolate and vanilla flavor, and stretches on the tip of the tongue with the sweet melon charm of syrup, raisins, plums and melons. As time went on, the coolness of iodine and coconut slowly appeared, and then the warmth of oak spices with ginger and cinnamon slowly unfolded. The taste of thousands of turns is ultimately attributed to the depth and balance of slipping through the taste buds, which preserves a smooth and soft aftertaste like velvet for all whisky lovers.

“The map 10.1 of Buhradi is irreplaceable. It is an art created and invented by nature, technology and time. What is produced in each oak barrel is a mystery. You don’t have to worry about how it is made, just chew it quietly and enjoy the unique charm it brings. ” Jerome Canovas, brand director of the Miracle Department of Spirits and Liqueur in China District of Remy Martin Cointreau Group, said.

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