On March 29th, 2023, Harold Piano Bar was officially unveiled, which was the first time Harold opened a bar and dinner business in Shanghai, and promoted its shopping mall structure and investment in luxury hotels and restaurants in China.

Harold Piano Bar is a brand-new nightlife view, which seamlessly switches Harold teahouse during the day into a space full of freshness after dark. Do people watch wonderful and smart music here and enjoy the delicacies customized by Harold?

Harold Piano Bar’s dinner menu was jointly prepared by Harold’s Chinese and British catering teams in two years. The menu is based on the delicious food from all over the world in Harold Food Halls, combined with Harold’s dining ideal, and customized by the chef for China gourmet gourmets. The dinner dishes include Wellington steak and Harold’s classic dessert rose cream egg white cake.

Harold Piano Bar’s exclusive cocktail list was planned by Harold’s British bartenders, sweeping 14 special cocktails. At the same time, Harold Piano Bar supplies Harold’s own brand of wine and champagne, which goes with Riedel wine set. It is worth mentioning that Harold Piano Bar is the only place in China that offers cups to sell Harold’s own brand champagne and wine.

Action dinner and the focus of the bar feeling, Harold will use the iconic piano to perform wonderful music, and invite people to spend an unforgettable night with innovative tracks. In addition, Harold will occasionally invite brand friends and Gao Peng to play.

Michael Ward, Managing Director of Harold, said: “The opening ceremony of Harold Piano Bar marks our latest pause in China shopping mall. It will not have the best exquisite beauty and selection of fine wines, and with unparalleled enjoyment of work and music performance, it will create a wonderful night to stop missing. “

From Harold’s teahouse a year ago to Piano Bar today, why did Harold of Action Department Store choose to reach China consumers in the form of catering? Sarah Myler, director of Harold’s domestic business growth and media, gave no explanation. “Harold is famous for his best products and feelings, and the beautiful image he created is far higher than buying a commodity. Explaining the British specialties is precisely the upper hand of our catering business. Therefore, when we go to Shanghai, we must start from the best category. “

After careful consideration, Harold decided to land the first Piano Bar in the world in Shanghai. “Shanghai is a diversified city, and its renovation in cooking has always been in the forefront. Consumers here clearly know what they want and are keen on testing new objects, which coincides with Harold’s test. ” Sarah Myler said.

Since Harold joined the China Shopping Mall, he has met and handled China consumers through investing in local teams, choosing a site for the construction of Chadi House, and continuous creativity. Talking about not growing up, Sarah Myler politely said, “I hope that Piano Bar will prove that we may attract more audiences at night, so there will be more Piano Bars when we go.”

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