Recently, mccarron pushed out the mccarron Brilliant Series Limited Edition Single Malt Whiskey to pay tribute to the six efforts of mccarron brand. Six kinds of energy maintenance are the cornerstones of mccarron whisky, including the natural brilliance of the liquor, the martial arts of liquor-making, the ultra-small kettle distiller, mccarron Manor, the unique oak barrel and sherry barrel moistening technology. Mccarron Brilliant Series adopts a series of different colors to show the above six different energy maintenance. The first three whiskies in this series are brilliant, brilliant black and brand-new brilliant gold.

Mccarron Brilliant Whiskey 2022 Edition Brilliant Whiskey shows the natural brilliance maintained by the brand’s six major efforts. This whisky also adopts a rare hand-made Riley crystal transparent wine bottle. The liquor is full-bodied and amber, showing the charm of sherry without the model of winery, and at the same time, it has the taste of chocolate, rich melon moisture and spicy spices.

Whisky winemakers combined the typical characteristics of mccarron with the smoky charm to create the 2022 edition of mccarron Bright Black Whisky. This whisky has a blend of apple, pear, orange and sweet jujube, accompanied by a touch of smoky charm. The bottle body is made of hand-made Riley dark black crystal wine bottle, which represents the unique smoky charm of the wine.

Mccarron Brilliant Gold Whiskey 2022 Edition is designed to pay tribute to the ultra-small kettle distiller. The unique shape and size of this distiller are helpful to distill the newly-made spirits without strong charm. Brilliant gold whisky is bronze gold, with a dense taste like butter. Because of its rich flavor, it also has a hint of sweet malt charm. The hand-made Riley golden crystal wine bottle represents the distiller.

It is worth mentioning that mccarron Brilliant Series wine bottles were created in collaboration with famous creative director Fabien Belem and French crystal maker Laili, and a series of photographs were created for them by fashionable photographer and creative idealist nick night.

Jaume Ferras, the creative director of mccarron Global, said: “Our six energies have fully demonstrated the characteristics of mccarron, and they are the cornerstones of mccarron whisky’s excellent character and rich and special creation, and mccarron Brilliant Series has specifically demonstrated these unique qualities. We are proud to be able to help each other with Fabian Belem and Riley. By helping each other with nick night, we will show this series with a vision full of

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