Recently, Pernod Ricard and its luxury whisky brand Midleton Very Rare held a new product announcement dinner in Shanghai, and officially launched the Midlet on Very Rare-Silent Distillery Collection Chapter 3. As an ancient and precious Irish whisky brand, this is the first time that Pernod Ricard has made a public statement in China shopping mall, which means that Pernod Ricard will promote the brand growth in China shopping mall.

In this 47-year announcement of the collection series of Nidudun Light Secret Winery, it means that the water element refined in “47 years” has been creatively applied to the on-site arrangement, just like responding to the legend of the rest scene and craft inheritance of the craftsmen by the ancient giant pot distiller hundreds of years ago.

The Silent Distillery Collection is the representative work of Midleton Very Rare, which consists of six whiskies of different years. From 2020, Nidudun Winery will launch a new product for this series every year, which will last for six consecutive years until 2025, which marks the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the old Nidudun Winery. The light secret winery series consists of 45 to 50 years old whisky, which represents the precious wines preserved before the winery opened.

“The 47-year Collection Series of Nidudun Light and Secret Winery” is a compromise between two original whiskies aged in Shirley barrel and Bourbon barrel respectively. These two whiskies were brewed in 1973, and the bottles were opened after compromise. Moreover, “47 years” is aimed at paying tribute to the history and craftsmanship of the winery, which means a journey of time tempering inspired by “water element”.

The inspiration behind the “water element” came from 1854. In this year, the local craftsmen of Old Nidudun Distillery assembled and dismantled the huge pot distillers in the world at that time, and the skilled “water craftsmen” ran to manage them-their rest was to master the temperature of the distillers, and these distillers could heat up the liquid 3000 tons higher than that in one day, which was the crux of whisky manufacturing. Nowadays, although the roar of the water flame has run, the still stands in the old winery. This history is the inspiration for the 47-year-old collection of Nidudun Light and Secret Winery.

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